BitPay gives Brave users the flexibility to make seamless crypto payments straight from its built-in Brave Wallet, along with 100+ other crypto wallets. Brave Wallet has implemented the BitPay Protocol, ensuring a more accurate and reliable way to spend cryptocurrency online and in-store.

The Brave Wallet is a secure, multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet built directly into the Brave privacy browser.

  • Protect and use digital assets where you browse. Brave Wallet is integrated in Brave, the privacy browser trusted by over 57 million users.
  • Cut down on extensions. Brave Wallet is multi-chain, with support for over 100+ networks, you can say goodbye to the extra extensions cluttering up your browser.
  • Get more from your wallet. Brave Wallet is equipped with swaps, an NFT gallery, and options to securely enter and exit crypto with dollars, euros, and more fiat currencies.
  • Simplify Web3. Brave Wallet is recognized and compatible with the world’s most popular Web3 applications.

How to Make a Payment from Brave Wallet

Step 1: At checkout, select BitPay as your payment method.

BitPay is the safest and most secure way to pay online, in-person or through email invoicing.

Step 2: Select Begin Payment.

Depending on the merchant you are paying or the transaction amount, you may be prompted to verify for BitPay ID. BitPay ID is a simple way to manage your payments information with BitPay. A one-time verification requirement is required for making BitPay merchant or prepaid payments of $3,000+, initiating refund requests for amounts of $1000+, or receiving BitPay payouts.

Step 3: Select Brave Wallet.

BitPay supports payments from Brave Wallet, as well as over 100 of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets. Find the Brave Wallet option and select it to continue.

Step 4: Select your cryptocurrency.

BitPay supports 13 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, though the exact cryptos may vary by wallet. We are constantly evaluating and adding more. You may be asked to enter your email address if you did not already sign in with your BitPay ID. Your email will be used to receive payment information and process refunds.

Step 5: Connect your account from your Brave Wallet

Choose the account within your Brave Wallet from which you want the payment to be made.

Step 6: Confirm the payment

Select "Make Payment" from inside the invoice window. You'll see the payment reflected on the invoice instantly once you validate the payment in your wallet. Remember to send your payment during the 15-minute payment window.

What can you buy with crypto from Brave Wallet?

Whether you’re paying straight from Brave Wallet online or in-store there are an almost limitless amount of things you can buy using crypto.

BitPay merchants span across the world and almost every industry. Some of our popular merchants that accept crypto payments from Brave Wallet include:

  • Newegg - Shop computer hardware, digital cameras, & more with cryptocurrency
  • APMEX - Buy precious metals online with cryptocurrency
  • AMC Theaters - Buy movie tickets, concessions and merchandise with cryptocurrency
  • airBaltic - Find and book cheap flights with cryptocurrency
  • PacSun - Shop California lifestyle clothing with cryptocurrency

Now that you know how to pay a BitPay invoice from your Brave Wallet, the only left to do is start spending crypto! Head to the BitPay Merchant Directory see our curated directory of companies that accept cryptocurrency.

Want to start accepting crypto? BitPay makes it easy.

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