The Important Bits
Purchasing high-value items like cars, real estate, electronics, vacations, furniture, jewelry, art, and collectibles with cryptocurrency is increasingly accessible and convenient through services like BitPay. BitPay facilitates direct crypto payments for these items, offers a crypto bill payment service, and provides a crypto card for easy transactions, supporting a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to big-ticket items you can buy with crypto, options are plentiful. It’s also a great way to free yourself from many of the costs and inconveniences associated with traditional payment rails like banks, credit card companies and mortgage lenders. Let’s take a look at some of the pricey goods you can easily get your hands on with crypto payments.

What expensive items I can buy with crypto?


Whether you’re gearing up to finally buy that Lambo, adding a classic car to your garage for Sunday drives or snapping up a new motorcycle to enjoy the ultimate freedom of the open road, BitPay has you covered. We partner with a number of high-end vehicle dealers including RM Sotheby’s, Ducati Indianapolis and Taabo Imports. Even if you’re shopping with a dealer that doesn’t accept direct crypto payments,, with Bill Pay, you can make those monthly auto loan payments directly from your crypto wallet. No hassle, no fuss.

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Real estate 

Even some wealthy homeowners are saddled with a mortgage. BitPay offers a number of solutions to make home and real estate purchases made with crypto a seamless experience.

We partner with a number of real estate companies that are steeped in the world of crypto. Check out some of BitPay’s real estate partners and start paying your mortgage with crypto in minutes. 

If you’ve already settled on your home, you can keep up with monthly mortgage payments with BitPay Bill Pay. Bill Pay automatically connects your mortgage payment (and virtually any other monthly bill) directly to your crypto wallet. Then all you have to do is choose your favorite coin and tap to pay. You’ll receive a payment confirmation in-app within seconds.

Entertainment systems and electronics

Now that you’re in the house of your dreams, you’ll want to outfit it with every shiny electronic device out there. And you can get it all with crypto, from home entertainment centers that will make you the envy of the neighborhood, to the latest game consoles, computers and more. Buy electronics with crypto from partner merchants including Microsoft, Newegg and many others.

Vacations and travel

Cool car, nice house, thumping sound system. It’s certainly nice to have nice things. But sometimes we all need an escape, whether it’s to a remote beach destination, a history-laced European adventure or a luxurious ocean cruise. However and wherever you travel, you can pay for the whole trip with crypto. BitPay partner merchants include everything from travel agencies, hotels and airlines to help make your ultimate bucket list getaway a reality. 


A house isn’t a home until you’ve made it your own with furniture and decor. Let your inner interior decorator shine as you pick out new home furnishings from partner merchants like Beliani and RoomsToGo, both of which accept direct crypto payments.  

BitPay also offers crypto-funded gift cards for top furniture brands and retailers like Pottery Barn, Ikea, Wayfair, and many more.

Watches and jewelry

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or you’re just treating yourself, you have no shortage of options for spending crypto on jewelry, diamonds, and watches. BitPay partners with luxury goods purveyors across the spectrum, from brands like Hublot , Perrelet, and Tag Heurer to merchants like Jomashop and Ace Jewelers.

Art and collectibles

If you’ve got a penchant for Picasso or a desire for Dalí, chances are you’ll find it at RM Sotheby’s, a BitPay partner merchant and one of the world’s most venerable auction houses. Adorn your walls and home with one-of-a-kind collectibles including art, classic cars, sports memorabilia and much more, and pay directly with crypto.

How to pay for high ticket items with crypto

Now that you’ve got some ideas for how to spend some of those crypto gains burning a hole in your wallet, let’s talk options. There are many different ways you can spend crypto on big-ticket items, both directly and indirectly. Either way, you can easily indulge in the big-ticket item you’ve been eyeing, and use crypto to do it.

Pay direct from your wallet with BitPay merchants

BitPay has partnerships with hundreds of brands, retailers and online merchants that make it easy to pay with crypto. Scan through our Merchant Directory for your favorite stores  and choose pay with crypto at checkout. Pay invoices from practically any wallet, BitPay supports more than 100 of the most popular crypto wallets

BitPay Bill Pay

One of BitPay’s newer offerings is BitPay Bill Pay. With it, you can securely pay practically any bill directly from your crypto wallet, no checking account or wire transfer required. Start by connecting your billing accounts. Choose your preferred crypto then simply tap to pay. You’ll receive confirmation in the app within seconds. You can pay practically any type of bill, from mortgages and auto payments, to credit card bills and student loan payments.

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The BitPay Card

For the ultimate in crypto-spending convenience, the BitPay Card is your passport to safe and speedy crypto payments anywhere in the world Mastercard is accepted. With it, you can spend crypto as easily as cash, and earn cash-back rewards at over 100,000 global merchants.

We've temporarily paused new BitPay Card applications while we improve the crypto debit card program. Join our waitlist to get updates.

Buy gift cards via the BitPay app or Chrome extension

Don’t see your favorite retailer in our Merchant Directory? No sweat. With the BitPay app or Google Chrome extension, you can use crypto to buy gift cards from hundreds of top brands like Home Depot, and Uber. All you have to do is choose the store and amount, then pay for the card with your preferred wallet and cryptocurrency. You’ll instantly receive your gift card in your BitPay wallet, either for gifting or spending.

Which cryptocurrencies can I use on expensive items?

BitPay supports many of the most popular coins, tokens and stablecoins. Pay for high-end items with Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin on the Lightning Network, Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB), Litecoin (LTC), XRP (XRP), ApeCoin (APE), Polygon (MATIC), Dai (DAI), Binance USD (BUSD), USD Coin (USDC), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Pax Dollar (USDP), Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and Euro Coin (EUROC). BitPay occasionally adds support for new coins as demand and utility grow, so keep checking back in the unlikely event your favorite crypto isn’t listed here.

Paying with crypto has never been easier. And now, even buying big-ticket items like houses, cars and dream vacations is only a few taps away. If you’ve got expensive tastes and a budget to match, BitPay makes acquiring what you want as convenient, speedy and secure as it gets.