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  • Transaction Fee

    Higher fees applicable for high-risk industries

  • Features

  • Multi-User Login Access
  • Email Support
  • Automatic Payment Exception Handling
  • Quickbooks IIF Download
  • Ecommerce, Billing, Donation, and Retail Payment Tools

Daily Bank Settlements
  • USA (ACH)
  • Euro (SEPA)
  • Mexico (SPEI)
Bank Transfers
  • United Kingdom
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
Stablecoin Settlement
  • USDC
  • GUSD
  • PAX
Daily Cryptocurrency Settlements:
  • All 240 Supported Countries and Territories

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Accept Blockchain Payments

Guaranteed Instant Conversion Rate

BitPay guarantees the BTC-to-fiat and BCH-to-fiat exchange rates at the point of sale, so our merchants are protected from cryptocurrency price fluctuations.

Get Settlements In Cryptocurrency

Many of our merchants choose to take a percentage of their BitPay settlement in cryptocurrency, or even 100%. You can choose your settlement preferences from your account dashboard. We settle Bitcoin, Circle USD Coin, Gemini US Dollars, or Bitcoin Cash to your wallet address daily.

Simple Pricing for all Plans

Plan offers daily settlements in eight currencies and unlimited monthly transactions for a 1% settlement fee.

Can you process payments for regulated industries?

We are able to process payments for most businesses, but sometimes legal and regulatory concerns prevent us from servicing some industries. We'd like to provide all legal businesses the opportunity to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and we are constantly working to make that a possibility.

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