BitPay Checkout for OpenCart

Accept blockchain payments on your OpenCart-based e-commerce site with BitPay's open source plugin.

Integration Requirements

Plugin Installation

  1. Download the latest release of the plugin from the OpenCart marketplace, you will obtain a file named
  2. From your OpenCart admin panel, navigate to "Extensions" > "Installer" and upload the file previously retrieved from the OpenCart Marketplace.
  3. From your OpenCart admin panel, navigate to "Design > Theme Editor > common > header", add the following before the closing </head> tag:
    • <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> opencart-step-1
  4. Flush your OpenCart storage to finish the installation

Plugin Configuration

After you have installed the BitPay plugin, the configuration steps are:

  1. Create an API token from your BitPay merchant dashboard:

    • Log in to your BitPay merchant account and go to the API token settings
    • Click on the Add new token button: indicate a token label (for instance: OpenCart), make sure "Require Authentication" is unchecked and click on the Add Token button
    • Copy the token value opencart-step-2
  2. Log in to your OpenCart admin panel, go to "Extensions" > "Extentions" > choose "Payments" as extension type > BitPay checkout:

    • Set the Extension Status to enabled
    • Select the endpoint - Test or Production, depending on your current setup. Your matching API Token must be set
    • Paste the token value into the appropriate field: Development Token for token copied from the sandbox environment ( and Production Token for token copied from the live environment (
    • Checkout Flow: BitPay recommends the Modal option as it keeps the user on your site and shows a modal window. To use the Modal option, you will need to configure the bitpay.min.js script as indicated in the installation steps. We also propose a Redirect option as an alternative.
    • Click on the save icon in the upper right hand corner opencart-step-3

Additional information can be found on the BitPay plugin page on the OpenCart Marketplace.

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