Selling Online

Blockchain payments were made for online transactions. BitPay provides a simple, reliable way to accept cryptocurrency payments on your website. Get started by signing up for a BitPay account.

Payment Buttons

Payment buttons can be generated on the merchant dashboard and embedded anywhere on your website, with no additional setup required.

Hosted Catalog

You can also create a hosted catalog payment option for each individual item in your store. This will collect any user information you need, like email or shipping address.

Shopping Cart Plug-ins

Our platform integrates with 15 of the e-commerce world's favorite shopping cart software solutions. View all of our plug-in options and click on the icon of your shopping cart software to get started.

Integrated Solutions

We've built blockchain payment integrations for 14 leading e-commerce platforms and Payment Service Providers. All you need to get started is a BitPay account for you to link with current e-commerce platform or PSP.