BitPay now supports the Polygon network. BitPay users can buy MATIC, store, swap and spend various ERC-20 tokens across the Polygon network, including MATIC, USDC and GAMEE.

Buying Polygon tokens within the BitPay non-custodial wallet at great rates and no hidden fees. Here's how to get started.

Step 1: Get the BitPay Wallet

The BitPay Wallet is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. Scan the QR code to download the app. It is 100% free.

Step 2: Tap "Buy Crypto".

Tap "Buy Crypto" on the app home screen.

Step 3: Choose the amount and select your preferred Polygon token

Enter the amount you’d like to convert to cryptocurrency. Currently, BitPay supports buying MATIC, USDC and GAMEE over the Polygon network.

Step 4: Choose your preferred payment method

BitPay allows you to buy crypto with a credit card, debit card,  Apple Pay or Google Pay. Payment methods may vary by partner.

Step 5: View your offers

We partner with Simplex and Wyre to give you the best possible price. There are no hidden fees or excessive markups. Once you choose your preferred offer, you’ll be taken to one of our partner sites to enter your payment details complete the transaction.

Step 6: Confirm your Polygon tokens have been received

Your Polygon tokens should arrive shortly. If you previously did not have a Polygon wallet within the BitPay app, you'll see one created with your funds under the My Crypto section.

Benefits of buying Polygon tokens with BitPay

The BitPay app offers a secure and seamless way to buy all of your favorite Polygon tokens.

Fast transactions

No long wait times to get your crypto.

Great rates, no hidden fees

We offer competitive exchange rates. There are no hidden fees, annual costs or additional mark up. What you see is what you pay. There are multiple ways to pay for your Polygon tokens, including credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Safe and secure

The BitPay Wallet is non-custodial, meaning you, and only you, own your keys.

Manage all of your assets in one place

After you buy cryptocurrency with Apple Pay, you can store, swap and spend without ever leaving the app. It is the only app you need to control your assets.

Buy and store Polygon assets securely in the BitPay Wallet

Buy Crypto with No Hidden Fees