We believe that blockchain payments can make transactions faster, more secure, and less expensive at every level of business.

Since blockchain transactions with currencies like Bitcoin don't transmit personal information, they don't put users at risk of the identity theft. This spares businesses the costs of chargebacks and credit card fraud, which contribute to higher credit card fees and other business overhead. On top of that, BitPay’s 1-2% processing fee is lower than credit card fees.

Many online businesses already accept blockchain payments with BitPay, from giants like Microsoft and Newegg to small gaming marketplaces and Shopify stores. But blockchain payments aren't just for online transactions. We're working to make them the most powerful way to pay at brick and mortar businesses, too.

In November 2014, we introduced our BitPay Checkout app (then "Bitcoin Checkout") to help brick-and-mortar merchants like restaurants and retail shops accept in-person bitcoin payments.

The businesses and communities that have tried BitPay Checkout since then have been notable:

A cashier at Bistro 1858 (in Deloitte's Toronto office) using BitPay Checkout.

Our last three and a half years of experience with brick and mortar users like these have taught us how to make blockchain payments simpler, smoother, and safer for merchants and their customers. Those lessons have gone into a major update of BitPay Checkout for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

This new version improves the app’s design and performance, adds Bitcoin Cash (BCH) acceptance, and adds BitPay's changes for Payment Protocol-only payments and other invoice updates. Now brick and mortar businesses can accept error-free Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments in a flash from customers, while being protected from crypto price volatility. .

When customers go to pay, they can select their currency of choice, select the option to give a tip, then scan a BitPay Checkout QR code with their mobile wallets. Payments take just a swipe or a tap, and the receiving merchant gets a local currency bank settlement within one business day. Merchants get every dollar or euro they charge, minus BitPay's low processing fee.

Let us show you how the new and improved BitPay Checkout looks in action:

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BitPay is always growing and improving, so we would love to hear from you about your experience with the new version of the BitPay Checkout app. If you’d like to learn more about accepting blockchain payments in person, check out our resources on retail integration.