Bitcoin Payment Gateway API

The BitPay bitcoin payment gateway is the most versatile, easy-to-use bitcoin API available. The API is based on JSON and includes command line utilities that provide an easy-to-use client interface.

API Documentation

How it Works

  • Submit a payment request in 150+ currencies
  • Display payment instructions on your website
  • Receive push notifications with status updates
  • Receive next-day settlement to bank accounts in 32 countries

Plugins and Libraries

Supported Bitcoin Payment Methods

  • Click-to-Pay URI   Compatibility
  • Scan-to-Pay QR code
  • Copy/paste payment methods

Embedded Bitcoin Invoice

BitPay allows you to embed the invoice on your website, so the shopper never has to leave your site during the checkout process.

  1. When you create an invoice with a POST request to BitPay, BitPay returns the "url" field, which is the URL at which this invoice can be viewed.
  2. To display the embedded invoice on your page, append the code &view=iframe to the invoice URL and display this URL as the source in an iframe.
  3. The embedded invoice will automatically update when payments have been received. In addition to the server IPN sent to your notificationURL, the iframe will send a POST message to the parent window that the status has changed.
  4. If your website has a dark background theme, append the code &theme=dark to the invoice URL. Note that the iframe background color is transparent.

    Sample Iframe Invoice (500x150 pixels)

    Paid Invoice Auto-Refresh

    Expired Invoice Auto-Refresh