Nexusguard Systems Security Company Chooses Bitcoin Payments

The Opportunity:

BitMinter began in June 2011, and at its peak, it controlled 10 percent of the global computing power for bitcoin mining, making it an attractive target for competitors and attackers alike.

When BitMinter reached out to Nexusguard for assistance with a DDoS attack, they wanted to pay in bitcoin. Typically, when it comes to accepting payment from international clients, most companies opt for electronic bills or wire transfers.

NexusGuard had been accepting payments from international clients, but they were tired of the high processing costs, fraud, delays in payment, and payments that arrived with less than the full amount due and little or no information about fees.

See how BitPay stepped in to provide a fast solution that ultimately helped Nexusguard provide the timely service their client needed when it mattered most.

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