Forrester Study Shows Accepting Crypto Attracts New Customers & Boosts AOV

At BitPay’s request, Forrester Consulting conducted an independent research study using‭ ‬their proven Total Economic Impact™‭ (‬TEI‭) ‬methodology to quantify the business impact of adding BitPay as a payment option for accepting bitcoin‭ and other cryptocurrencies.

What the study uncovered was exactly what BitPay customers feel when they accept crypto for the first time, but could never quantify the results for themselves. 40% new customers sales, two times the average order values, impressive ROI's, and real revenue increases are among a few convincing discoveries.

The results of the in-depth analysis of the BitPay merchants strongly suggest‭, ‬given the low-risk and ease of implementing BitPay‭, ‬that accepting cryptocurrency should be prioritized as a way to generate new sales‭, ‬additional revenue‭, ‬and cost savings‭.

Interested in how BitPay can stimulate growth for your company?

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