BitPay Send

Pay Out Crypto to Anyone, Anywhere.

BitPay Send‭ ‬allows organizations of all sizes to pay employees‭, ‬customers‭, ‬vendors‭, ‬contractors and others with cryptocurrency‭, ‬without having to own or handle digital currency and the inherent exposure to its volatility or risk‭.

BitPay Send‭ ‬is ideal for companies looking for a fast‭, ‬efficient and secure way to send mass payouts anywhere in the world‭, ‬on any day of the week‭, ‬and at any time‭.‬

Are you looking for an blockchain payout solution that:

✅ Make payroll payments
✅ Pay contractors or affiliates
✅ Satisfy customer cashout requests
✅ Settle with marketplace sellers
✅ Issue rewards or rebates

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