BitPay Checkout

BitPay allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency‭ ‬payments from their customers while never‭ ‬being exposed to any volatility risk and instead receive‭ ‬settlements via bank transfers‭. ‬BitPay‭ ‬supports‭ ‬the major cryptocurrencies on the market like Bitcoin‭ (‬BTC‭), ‬Bitcoin Cash‭ (‬BCH‭), ‬Ether‭ (‬ETH‭), ‬Ripple’s‭ (‬XRP‭), ‬and several dollar-backed stablecoins‭.‬

Are you looking for a blockchain payment acceptance solution that:

✅ Helps you capture new sales
✅ Delivers fast and secure payments
✅ Eliminates the risk and the volatility of holding cryptocurrency

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