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Bitcoin 2023 Conference

Heading to Miami for the largest Bitcoin conference? Hit us up on LinkedIn if you want to meet up to learn more about accepting crypto. Also, don't miss out on seeing BitPay Co-founder Tony Gallippi speak in the "Trends in Transactions" on Saturday at 1pm.

Merchant Spotlight: Stack's Bowers Galleries

Now through June 14, 2023, you can place a bid on physical cryptocurrencies with Stack's Bowers Galleries. Bid on physical coins for your favorite cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and more! Stack's Bowers is America's oldest rare coin auction house and has auctioned many of the rarest coins and most valuable collections ever assembled.

Bid now with Stacks and Bowers

Word of the Month: DEX

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are exchanges that specialize in peer-to-peer transactions. These transactions are directly between crypto investors for cryptocurrencies and digital assets with no central authority.

Image Source: Blockchain Learning Center

Product Spotlight: Best Offer Feature

Consumers can save time and stop shuffling between apps and exchanges hunting for the best rates every time they buy crypto. BitPay brings together multiple partners into one easy-to-use buying experience and then instantly highlights the best offer, saving investors time and, best of all, money. Start buying crypto with BitPay's "Best Offer" feature online or in the BitPay Wallet app to stack and save.

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Marketing Spotlight: 2 New BitPay Sweepstakes

Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin Pizza Day marks the day on which an early Bitcoin enthusiast purchased pizza using Bitcoin. This happened on May 22nd (2010), and many celebrate this day as the first time cryptocurrency was used to buy a product in the real world.

To help commemorate this special day, we're giving away five (5) $50 DoorDash gift cards. So, don't miss out on this awesome opportunity.

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Bitcoin 2023

Bitcoin 2023, the world's largest gathering of Bitcoiners, is taking place in Miami Beach from May 18 - May 20.

To help celebrate, we're giving away $250 USD of Bitcoin to one (1) lucky winner. So, don't miss out on this awesome opportunity.

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Merchant Shoutouts

Check out this month's merchant shoutouts:

  • Shop APMEX’s silver and gold popular categories, including pop culture collectibles. Shop now!
  • OneGold gives you direct ownership of vaulted gold, silver, and platinum at an ultra-low cost. Start your free account today.
  • Buy a domain name with Namecheap today!
  • Ready to start accepting crypto with your Shopify business? Get started today with the BitPay app!
  • Instantly deploy high-performance cloud servers, cloud GPUs, bare metal, and cloud storage worldwide with Vultr. New users receive $100 to test their platform.
  • Use BrandBucket to name your business.
  • Shop US stores and have your items reliably shipped back home with Qwintry

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