announced today that they will now be accepting bitcoin for their package forwarding services through BitPay!

Shipito makes it easier and more affordable for global consumers to purchase items from US-based sellers with lower shipping rates, fast processing, and a variety of shipment options to make these transactions as simple as possible. Through our partnership, Shipito will be offering their customers the ability to pay in bitcoin; their global customers will now be able to take advantage of a global currency. Bitcoin customers have access to quick and easy payments from anywhere in the world, while Shipito can accept bitcoin payments without risk of chargeback or fraud.

" is a perfect fit for bitcoin as both help lower the costs for various products on a global basis, giving international customers access to top e-commerce outlets." - Tony Gallippi, Executive Chairman of BitPay

Shipito processes tens of thousands of packages every month, and the ability to utilize bitcoin greatly expands the reach of their service to new and growing markets. Their customer base includes international consumers who routinely choose to shop in the United States to take advantage of lower prices. By accepting bitcoin, Shipito will cater to their customer base especially the emerging bitcoin customers in Asia.

"We are looking forward to offering bitcoin as a payment option. Our collaboration with BitPay is really about doing what's best for our customers. This move will allow us to ship to areas where banking is complicated and costly. We look forward to serving an expanding customer base"- John Vanhara, CEO of