This week, we partnered with Poynt, the world’s first open commerce platform, to integrate our cryptocurrency payment processing with their Smart Terminal point-of-sale devices at over 100,000 retailers across the globe.

By just scanning a QR code at checkout, consumers can now pay merchants using Poynt’s devices with the currency of their choice, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, and  the three stablecoins BitPay currently supports. Our integration with Poynt’s smart terminals makes the checkout experience quicker, easier and more secure than using credit cards or cash.

BitPay CEO and Co-Founder Stephen Pair said:

We’re thrilled to team up with Poynt, who’s proven to be a real driver of point of sale innovation. It’s a massive growth opportunity for BitPay, and an important milestone in our now nine-year mission to make payments faster, more secure, and less expensive for people and businesses.

Poynt Founder and CEO Osama Bedier said:

Poynt was built on the idea of open commerce. Poynt OS lays the foundation for developers and merchants to collaborate and drive limitless growth. The addition of open-source, decentralized currencies like Bitcoin is a natural fit in our open-commerce environment. BitPay pioneered blockchain payments, and, without question, they were the company we trusted to bring us into the next generation of payments.