Starting today, you can now sell Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies in the BitPay app via MoonPay. It’s never been easier to cash out your crypto into your bank account or your existing debit card.

Why sell your crypto?

Sell crypto gains

If you feel your portfolio is doing well, you can consider whether to convert those gains into cash.

Stay in control

If you want to reduce your exposure to the crypto market movements, you can sell some of your portfolio.

Free up funds

If you need cash for something else, you can sell a slice of your crypto.

Start selling your crypto

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How to sell crypto

Start selling your crypto in the BitPay app in three easy steps.

1) Enter an amount

Select the cryptocurrency and amount of crypto you’d like to sell.

2) Choose payout method

Opt for a direct bank account deposit or load funds onto your existing credit/debit card, depending on what's most convenient for you.

3) Complete the transaction and receive cash

Choose the optimal rate, transfer your crypto, and upon confirmation, cash will be swiftly sent to your preferred payout method.

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