BitPay is committed to providing the best payment experience for every blockchain we support. That's why we have put in the work to make our payment processing service fully compatible with bitcoin transactions from SegWit wallets.

What this BitPay platform update does

Payments from SegWit wallets have a different transaction format than non-SegWit transactions. That means they aren't automatically fully compatible with the node software which many bitcoin services used before SegWit. This led to a slower payment experience for SegWit users.

BitPay's platform update has upgraded our node software to be fully compatible with the SegWit format. Now if you pay BitPay merchants with a SegWit transaction, you'll get the same smooth, fast bitcoin payment experience we work to provide to every user.

How you can start using a Segwit wallet for payments

View all bitcoin wallets compatible with SegWit.

Of all of the wallets currently supporting SegWit, BitPay recommends the Electrum Wallet for reliably paying BitPay invoices. Electrum broadcasts transactions immediately and fully supports payment protocol for an error-free payment experience.