Plentymarkets, a popular German ecommerce platform, has now started accepting bitcoin through BitPay. With a customer base of over 3,500 online stores, the number of goods that can potentially be purchased with bitcoin has expanded once again.

Most Plentymarkets customers are based in Germany, however the company has an international vision and recently expanded in the United Kingdom. Some notable names who use the platform are Stabilo, Edeka, and Delife.

The vision of Plentymarkets is to be top dog in e-commerce by never missing a beat when it comes to new trends. Therefore, implementing bitcoin was a logical step in providing customers with the latest innovation in payments.

"We are very pleased to welcome BitPay as one of our new partners. Since more and more of our customers are selling their products in other countries and are looking for a reliable and quick payment method, we think bitcoin is a very attractive alternative to other established payment methods. It is also increasingly accepted and used by end customers. The sophisticated business model and the quick payments in the target currency make BitPay our ideal partner for processing payments with bitcoin," said Jan Griesel, CEO Plentymarkets GmbH.

"Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for merchants around the world to add bitcoin into their payment systems. Having a direct integration with Plentymarkets does just that," said Moe Levin, Director of Business Development BitPay Europe.

About Plentymarkets

Plentymarkets is a complete ecommerce solution which combines stock management and an online store system with multi-channel capacity. This online-based software contains a wealth of functions and carefully designed interfaces, which deconstruct and map workflow. Plentymarkets also boasts connections to relevant marketplaces, webstores, and companies, specializing in the supply of payment and logistical services as well as legal and affiliate marketing. This means that sellers can kill several birds with one stone, saving them time while giving peace of mind.