Today we are releasing version 1.6.1 of our open source bitcoin wallet Copay. We have put a lot of effort in this new release toward simplifying navigation and providing easier access to the most common wallet tools.

New User Interface Design

We overhauled the wallet home screen and other parts of Copay's user interface in this version. Now it's possible to check your balance, latest transactions, and outstanding payment proposals as soon as you open the wallet.

All screens and confirmation buttons also now show the user-selected wallet color to make it easier to identify and keep track of your wallets and transactions.

Improved Backup Verification

This release also includes a new backup verification feature. When users create a new wallet in Copay, the app will help them verify that they have correctly written down their backup phrases. Only when the backup phrase is confirmed will the wallet display its receiving address.

Many of the new features and fixes we published today started from suggestions and discussions in our open source GitHub repository. We would like to thank our active community of collaborators, testers, and translators. If you use Copay, we encourage you to continue to make suggestions, request features, and report problems. Your feedback might make it into a new version of the wallet.

Ready to try out the new features in 1.6.1? You can download Copay for all major platforms at