We've just teamed up with NETELLER, a service owned by Optimal Payments, to enable their global payments network to begin accepting bitcoin.

NETELLER moves millions of dollars around the world every day and offers a wide variety of services from pre-paid debit cards to multi-channel online payment solutions.

NETELLER has recognized the growing strategic importance of bitcoin, and we will be working with them to help further drive mainstream adoption of bitcoin. They already have over 10 million customers with debit cards that, thanks to this partnership, can now be loaded with bitcoin. They also have integrations with thousands of merchants worldwide. By topping up their debit cards or NETELLER accounts with bitcoin, customers can save up to 5% eliminating cash advance fees and currency conversions.

This agreement with one of the world's biggest payments networks really demonstrates how far we've come in a short span of time. NETELLER shares our vision of how bitcoin can revolutionize the way businesses handle transactions, and we're really looking forward to working with them.