Welcome to the latest issue of the Cryptie. As the community settles into post-halving normals, we've seen lots of action across the world of crypto. This issue is packed with the latest updates from the cryptocurrency industry, new merchants, giveaways, and the latest updates from BitPay.

Let's dive into this month's highlights.

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BitPay in the News

Check out the latest news from BitPay this month:

Industry News

Read news from across the blockchain industry:

  • Wisconsin's state pension fund has made a significant investment in Bitcoin, highlighting the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrency by public institutions. WPR
  • Bitcoin's value has surged to $70,206, reflecting a renewed interest and bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market. Reuters
  • The race to find rare Bitcoin is intensifying as the total supply nears its maximum cap, creating urgency and excitement among miners. Wired
  • Former President Trump’s campaign is increasingly relying on cryptocurrency donations, raising questions about regulatory oversight. AP News
  • Congressional Democrats are pushing for more stringent crypto regulations, aiming to curb risks and enhance consumer protections. Politico
  • The House of Representatives has passed a new bill aimed at regulating the cryptocurrency market, signaling a significant shift in legislative priorities. Yahoo Finance
  • Cryptocurrencies, including Ether, are seeing increased investor optimism, particularly with the advent of new Ether ETFs. Reuters
  • Ethereum's price has rallied above $3,100 following an unexpected regulatory win, boosting confidence among investors. Cointelegraph
  • Botanix Labs has raised $85 million from Polychain Capital and others to develop Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions, indicating strong investment interest in scaling Bitcoin. CoinDesk
  • Ethereum transaction fees have hit a record low as Layer 2 networks absorb more activity, enhancing the network's efficiency and reducing costs. CryptoSlate

Father's Day Giveaway: Enter to win $250 worth of crypto-powered gift cards

To help celebrate Father’s Day, we're giving away $250 in electronic gift cards to ten (10) lucky winners!

Whether he's a sports fan, an outdoor enthusiast, or a fashion-forward dad, we've got the perfect gift options from top retailers like Buffalo Wild Wings, Columbia, and Bass Pro Shops Act fast! This giveaway ends 6/16.

This sweepstakes is open to the United States only. Don't forget to complete every action to unlock bonus entries.

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Saks Fifth Avenue

Treat your graduates to a shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue, perfect for helping them start their new chapter in style with high-quality fashion and accessories.


Reward the gamers in your life with a GameStop gift card, allowing them to indulge in their favorite video games, consoles, and accessories.

American Eagle

Help your graduates refresh their wardrobe with an American Eagle gift card, offering trendy and comfortable clothing options for their next big adventure.

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Merchant Spotlight: Right of the Dot

Looking to acquire some of the most valuable domain names and Web3 digital assets? RightOfTheDot, a leader in premium online asset auctions, is hosting an exclusive auction featuring top-tier domain names such as Actors.com, Dog.com, Fish.com, Saints.com, and over 500 more.

We're excited to announce that RightOfTheDot will accept cryptocurrency payments for this auction. You can now bid on and purchase these premium domains using your preferred cryptocurrency.

Auction Details:

  • Pre-Bidding: Starts now at Bid.ROTD.com
  • Live Auction: June 6, 2024, starting at 3:00 PM CT
  • Venue: Omni Hotel, Downtown Austin, Texas, as the signature event of NamesCon Global
  • Participation: Online at Bid.ROTD.com or in-person at the venue. NamesCon registration is required for in-person participation. www.namescon.com

In addition to classic Web2 domains, this auction will feature a selection of Web3 names, providing a unique opportunity to secure cutting-edge digital assets.

To participate online, sign up at Bid.ROTD.com and start placing your bids. With BitPay, you can conveniently pay using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies. Enhance your digital portfolio with some of the best domain names in the industry.

Don't miss this chance to secure valuable online assets while leveraging the benefits of cryptocurrency transactions.

→ Visit the auction page

Download The 2024 BitPay Spending Report

Did you know that in Q1 2024, cryptocurrency payments grew 20%? BitPay's latest spending report showcases how payments evolved by industry, coin, chain, region, plus other interesting spending trends.

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Product Focus: Pay Bills with No Fees

Leave traditional bill payments in the past. Now through June 30th, use Bill Pay with zero fees. Pay off practically any bill with 100+ cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE, and hundreds more.

  • Credit cards
  • Student loans
  • Mortgages
  • Utilities
  • Car Payments

→ Get the app or sign up at BitPay.com to get started

New Merchants: MonoVM & 1Gbits


MonoVM: Premier Virtual Machine Solutions

MonoVM, a leading web hosting provider, offers a range of services including VPS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers, and domain registration. Known for its reliable and affordable solutions, MonoVM ensures optimal performance with data centers in over 15 countries. Now, in partnership with BitPay, MonoVM accepts cryptocurrency payments, allowing customers to conveniently pay for services using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies​



1Gbits, a leading provider of dedicated servers and VPS hosting solutions, offers high-performance servers with robust security features and global service coverage. Known for its advanced enterprise-grade hardware and exceptional customer support, 1Gbits ensures optimal website performance and reliability. Now, in partnership with BitPay, 1Gbits accepts cryptocurrency payments, allowing customers to pay for their hosting services using Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies

Questions to Ask Your Payment Processor

Don’t risk partnering with the wrong crypto payments provider. Arm yourself with the right questions to ask when vetting potential partners.

Question #04: How many transactions does the company process each year?

Read the overview here or download our expanded guide of questions to help spot a reliable and trustworthy crypto partner.

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Bitcoin Halving Update: Halving complete

Cryptoworld was abuzz for months about the impending arrival of the fourth Bitcoin halving, which finally happened on April 19th. This means the reward paid to Bitcoin miners has dropped from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 per new transaction block. Crypto enthusiasts have been watching to see what the impact will be of this rare and historic event, not just on the price of Bitcoin, but the entire market. Crypto-friendly merchants are also watching closely, eager to learn what effect the halving could have on their business.

→ Learn about the significance of Bitcoin halvings, how they work and what investors, consumers and businesses can expect from the most recent one

Word of the Month: Altcoins

Bitcoin has a tendency to monopolize the conversation around cryptocurrency, which makes sense given its status as the most well-known and valuable crypto in the market. But there’s a world of opportunity out there in tokens and coins besides Bitcoin, collectively known as altcoins. From portfolio diversification to exploring new communities, altcoins have a place among every crypto user’s assets.

→ Read more about the origins of altcoins and how they are used

Developer News

WooCommerce Plugin Updates

We’ve released version 5.4.0, and 5.5.0 that add support for WordPress 6.5.2. Highlights include:

  • Supporting WordPress up to version 6.5.2
  • Added option to map the BitPay paid invoice status
  • Added status checks to WooCommerce
  • Clear cart after Invoice creation to mitigate users going back to the cart and accidentally creating a second invoice
  • Fixed mismatch with completed status
  • Fixed an issue with settings error on clean install

SDK Releases

We’ve released a patch version of our SDKs that resolves an issue with satoshisPerByte:

  • Java SDK v10.0.2
  • Node.js SDK v5.0.2
  • PHP SDK v9.0.2
  • Python SDK v6.0.2

→ Learn More

Merchant Shoutouts

Check out this month's merchant shoutouts:

  • Shop APMEX’s silver and gold popular categories, including pop culture collectibles. Shop now!
  • OneGold gives you direct ownership of vaulted gold, silver, and platinum at an ultra-low cost. Start your free account today.
  • Buy a domain name with Namecheap today!
  • Ready to start accepting crypto with your Shopify business? Get started today with the BitPay app!
  • Instantly deploy high-performance cloud servers, cloud GPUs, bare metal, and cloud storage worldwide with Vultr. New users receive $100 to test their platform.
  • Use BrandBucket to name your business.
  • Shop US stores and have your items reliably shipped back home with Qwintry

Travel with Crypto


BitPay Travel is now open to all! In collaboration with Xeni, BitPay Travel allows crypto users to pay for flights, hotels, rental cars, and activities with their cryptocurrency. Get great prices on all of your travel bookings and get the added benefit of paying straight from your cryptocurrency wallet.

→ Start using BitPay Travel

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