Today we're excited to announce a new partnership with blockchain technology provider Bloq. As our preferred commercial partner for Bitcore, Bloq will be offering enterprise-grade implementation and 24/7 support for companies using our full node and development platform to develop Bitcoin and blockchain-based services.

Bloq was founded earlier this year by former Bitcoin Core Developer and current BitPay advisor Jeff Garzik and Matthew Roszak to provide expert development services and support to companies working with blockchain technology. Drawing on Garzik's experience at open source giant Red Hat, Bloq is embracing an ethos of open source development and decentralization in ways that work for enterprise-scale operations. They've already partnered with Microsoft's Azure cloud platform and have begun working with firms like Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn and professional services network PricewaterhouseCoopers. With advisors including Gavin Andresen and Nick Szabo, Bloq will be bringing expertise in Bitcoin to these and other companies exploring blockchain technology in their industries.

Through this partnership, Bloq will be offering Bitcore in its BloqEnterprise product offering. Companies using Bitcore with BloqEnterprise will get all of the functionality of Bitcoin and a full Bitcoin node along with native utilities and intuitive Node.js libraries for extending that functionality. Services using Bitcore can make direct function calls to the bitcoin blockchain or create new blockchain-based services for everything from trustlessly timestamping digital contracts to creating digital assets and tokens.

One of the most powerful applications for Bitcore is the Bitcore Wallet Service (BWS), which allows bitcoin wallets to query the Bitcoin blockchain at speeds up to 20 times faster than json-RPC API calls. BWS is an enterprise wallet platform that we built for scalability. As the backend for our Copay wallet as well as BitPay's own Copay operations wallets, it's been battle-tested through millions of transactions.

To get started with BloqEnterprise's Bitcore implementation and support for your company, visit Bloq's site and reach out to their team at If you want to run a Bitcoin full node and get started with Bitcore yourself, check out our own cloud-hosted installation with Microsoft Azure or learn how to develop new Bitcore services at