We believe that building merchant relationships and committing to service excellence is integral to the success of our organization. In recent months, we have built a Client Operations team designed to work with merchants to ensure efficient, reliable payment processing.

This goal encompasses not just handling payment exceptions (refunds, underpayments, etc.) but also helping merchants understand how to profitably and efficiently integrate BitPay into their existing business processes.

We will work with you and your team to establish best practices for making bitcoin not just a payment option for your business, but the preferred payment option. We've chosen to build a team of dedicated people with a diverse array of skills and interests so that we can take a holistic approach to serving your business.

BitPay's Client Operations Team is currently made up of 5 full-time employees who are all part owners of BitPay and committed to our customers success.

Gentry Sherrill - Director, Client Operations

An Atlanta native, Gentry brings expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, payment processing, and web development to our team. He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology's College of Business with a concentration in IT Management. He is also a self-taught software developer and "hacker". Gentry has had experience starting a company – at 19 he built an agricultural commodities brokerage building contacts with industry giants Cargill, Archer Daniels, and Unilever, in addition to various financial and legal professionals in over 20 countries around the world. He chose to join BitPay to be immersed in the opportunities for innovation provided by bitcoin, along with the ability to build a team and department for a rapidly growing start-up.

Charles Stevens - Client Support Engineer

Originally from the Chattanooga area, Charles relocated when he attended the University of Georgia. He has always had a passion for technology, including his recent interest in cryptocurrency and internet privacy. He is interested to see how bitcoin is going to change the entire payment landscape and is very excited to be a part of all the great things BitPay is doing.

Crystal Campbell - Director of Onboarding

Crystal oversees all applications and on-boarding processes of merchants looking to open their market to bitcoin paying customers across the world and handles integration partnerships both domestically and internationally.She has a passion for Economic Empowerment, Science and Technology, Civil Rights and Social Action, Human Rights, Environment and Animal Welfare.

Elyse Giles - Client Operations Analyst

Born and raised in Connecticut, Elyse moved to Atlanta after finishing her MA in Education at the University of Connecticut. Her previous experience includes web software configuration and data analysis. She has also specialized in documentation and implementation of new projects. She brings 20 years experience in all facets of training across multiple industries to her new role at BitPay. Elyse plans to use her analytical and training skills to help make continual improvements and ensure efficiency, security and ease of use for our merchants. She has a passion for always learning something new and enjoys hiking, climbing, sci-fi, poker and football.

John Dreyzehner - Client Operations Team Lead - West Coast

John comes to BitPay with a Financial Mathematics and Entrepreneurial background from the University of Virginia. He dove into the Scouting ideals of cheerful service and testing his survival skills at a young age, splashed his way around the world singing opera and professional a cappella , and streamlined the creation of organizations designed to make existing volunteer service groups more effective. We think he swam at one point too. His passions include Bitcoin, outdoor exploration, singing in churches around the country, and bitcoin.