We recently began a blog series showing what it’s like to be an intern at BitPay. For today's part two, we talked with marketing and growth team intern Charles Pustejovsky about some of the challenges and opportunities he's had since starting with us.

What have you worked on?

"My first week, I set up my computer and accounts along with some basic clerical work. However, I surpassed my manager’s expectations and he struggled to fill my 40 hours each week. That struggle lasted only for the first week. Since then, I have received more and more responsibility. I’m managing our social media accounts, writing content and copy, and regularly adding to a video series on how to use our products."

What are some things you've learned from your time at BitPay?

"I’ve learned how to work on a variety of different projects and juggle a number of priorities. I’ve learned how to write marketing content and keep a social media calendar up to date. I’ve learned how to use Photoshop and Adobe Indesign to create guides for our sales team. However, I’m not only learning skills that’ll help me going forward, but a work ethic that will help me stand out in any position."

Charles Pustejovsky

What are some things that stand out for you about working at BitPay?

"BitPay is a start-up squared. It’s a young company built around a young product, Bitcoin. It’s like working for Ford in the early 20th century. Because of this, there is always work to be done and once you prove you’re up to the challenge, your co-workers will be happy to let you step up. It’s constantly challenging and exciting.

However, everything around the periphery is just as fantastic. Catered lunches and free snacks and drinks increase the material value of interning here. You’re given a Macintosh to work with and a standing desk to work on. You’re free to make your workplace your own. Also, every office space in the building has ceiling-high windows that bathe you in sunlight.

It’s amazing that the internship I had been gunning for since October 2016 still managed to exceed my expectations. Few people could say that about their ideal job and even less could say that about their internship."

Would you recommend that other young people work at BitPay? Why?

"Absolutely. The only time you’ll be making coffee is when you plan to drink the pot yourself. There is so much to be done and you'll have every opportunity to learn and grow."

Interested in interning at BitPay? We're hiring development interns for the fall. Send us an email telling us why you'd like to work at BitPay and what you can bring to the team. GitHub profiles are always appreciated.