It was only a matter of time before crypto and gaming found each other. If you’re a gamer and crypto enthusiast, we’ve written this guide on how to buy games with Bitcoin and crypto especially for you. Whether you’re a diehard PC gamer, PlayStation and Xbox console connoisseur or just into it all, here’s how to use your crypto for gaming.

How to Use Crypto for Gaming

If you want to buy video games with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, you’ll typically have three easy ways to do it:

  • Load the BitPay Card with crypto, use like a debit card on your favorite gaming platforms.
  • Buy gaming gift cards with crypto, instantly redeem and use from the BitPay app or Extension.
  • Paying straight from your crypto wallet with a select number of gaming companies that accept crypto payments.

The BitPay Card: A Prepaid Crypto Card for Gamers

Using the BitPay Card is the most flexible way to buy games with crypto. Instantly convert crypto into cash to use it across all of your favorite platforms and consoles.

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Buy Gift Cards with Crypto

Buy gaming gift cards with crypto in the BitPay app or Extension. Buy gift cards for your favorite gaming sources like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, GameStop, Walmart, Twitch, Microsoft and more.

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Game Straight From Your Crypto Wallet

A select number of gaming companies accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies payments straight from your wallet. Popular platforms include Twitch, Blocklete games, Microsoft, Gamesplanet, Playasia and more.

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Use Crypto to Pay for PC Games and Platform Access

PC gamers can use crypto to pay for their games from popular platforms such as Steam and Origin.

How to Buy Steam Games with Bitcoin, Ethereum & Other Crypto

Steam doesn’t accept direct crypto payments. However, Steam does accept BitPay’s crypto debit card. Download the BitPay app and sign up for the BitPay Card to start buying Steam games with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to Buy Origin Games with Bitcoin & Crypto

Similar to Steam, Origin doesn’t accept direct crypto payments. That said, you can still use crypto to pay for your Origin favorites. Get the app and sign up for the BitPay Card. Once approved, instantly use the card as you would any other debit card to buy Origin games with crypto.

How to Buy PlayStation Games with Bitcoin

Sony doesn’t accept cryptocurrency payments in the PlayStation Store. So instead of buying directly with Sony, we recommend that crypto enthusiasts buy PlayStation gift cards through the BitPay app or Extension. Gift cards are available for the Playstation Store to buy games and add-ons, as well to pay for your PlayStation Plus Membership. Instantly redeem and use your PlayStation gift cards to start gaming.

Additionally, you can use the BitPay Card to pay for all of your gaming expenses across all PlayStation games and consoles.

How to Buy Xbox One Games with Bitcoin & Crypto

Microsoft is a BitPay partner, meaning you can use cryptocurrency to buy Xbox games and any other Xbox expenses. Microsoft accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Instead of paying with cryptocurrency directly from the Xbox store you’ll need to redeem crypto through your Microsoft account. Here’s how to redeem Bitcoin in your Microsoft account:

  1. Go to and sign in to your Microsoft account.
  2. Under Payment & billing, select Payment options.
  3. Select Redeem Bitcoin, select the amount you want to add, then select Next.
  4. Review the amount of Bitcoin needed and use your digital wallet to complete the transaction within 15 minutes.
  5. On your PC: select Open in wallet and pay from your Bitcoin wallet on the same device.
  6. On your phone: scan the QR code on the page to pay from your mobile wallet app.

If your wallet is on another device, you can copy the receiving address and BTC amount to the wallet on your device or the web and then make your purchase.

Alternatively, you may buy gift cards for Xbox through the BitPay app and Extension or use the BitPay Card to buy Xbox games, DLC and more.

How to Buy Nintendo Switch Games with Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Nintendo doesn't accept cryptocurrency payments, unfortunately. The best way to spend cryptocurrency in the Nintendo eShop is by purchasing gift cards through the BitPay app or Extension. Nintendo eShop gift cards can be used to buy games, Nintendo Switch hardware and Nintendo accessories.

Use the BitPay Card to spend cryptocurrency across platforms, including Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.

How to Buy Gaming Consoles & Gaming PCs with Cryptocurrency

Looking for a new rig or console? BitPay makes it easy to upgrade your battlestations using crypto.

Shop directly with Newegg to buy gaming consoles, gaming PCs and gaming accessories. As one of BitPay’s premier partners, Newegg accepts Shiba Inu Token (SHIB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Wrapped BTC, Dai, and 4 USD-pegged stablecoins (USDC, BUSD, USDP, GUSD).

Alternatively, you can use the BitPay Card at your preferred electronics store to buy new systems and gaming accessories. Load up the card straight from your crypto wallet and start treating yourself.

Lastly, gift cards are available for purchase for some of the most popular electronics and gaming stores. Buy gift cards in the BitPay app or Extension for Walmart and Amazon to put towards your new PS5, Xbox One or gaming PC purchase.

FAQs About Buying Games with Bitcoin

What cryptocurrency can I use to buy video games?

BitPay supports Bitcoin, major altcoins, tokens and stablecoins. Currently we support Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Litecoin (LTC), Dai (DAI), Binance USD (BUSD), USD Coin (USDC), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Pax Dollar (USDP) and Gemini Dollar (GUSD). We are constantly evaluating and adding new coins to give gamers more ways to use crypto in gaming.

Does Steam accept Bitcoin?

No, Steam doesn’t accept any form of direct cryptocurrency payment. The best way to buy games and content on Steam with Bitcoin is through the BitPay Card.

Does Origin accept Bitcoin?

No, Origin doesn’t accept any form of direct cryptocurrency payment. The best way to buy Origin games and content with Bitcoin is through the BitPay Card.