Today’s traders expect access to funds in minutes, not days. Fast deposit options are no longer just an important aspect of the platform trading experience, but rather a requirement when choosing where and how much to trade.

Nearly 100% of traders say that they want immediate access to funds when making a deposit.

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Yet, as brokers and platforms work to make deposit options easier for their customers, they are limited by the inherent challenges of the available payment methods. Traditional ACH, wire transfer, and credit card processing can be costly, time consuming, and frustrating. In fact, delayed deposits can be a significant reason why a trader changes platforms, or chooses one platform over another.

Traditional deposit methods are too slow and cumbersome

  • Bank Accounts: Traders are required to enter sensitive data, await account verification, and wait (again!) for collected funds to become available.
  • Wire: Customers have to involve their bank, navigate detailed and complex instructions that contain sensitive data, wait for the wire to transmit, and then wait again for funds to be posted and available.
  • Card Payments: Consumers need to share sensitive card and personal data which is authorized, stored, and then processed. Access to customer funds is fast … but card limits often prevent big dollar transactions.

The business impact of legacy deposit methods

Legacy payment methods can result in significant challenges for brokers and platforms competing in this digital era.

  • Slow: Depositing funds via wire or bank account transfer can take hours or even days, causing friction between you and your customers.
  • Expensive: Bank account or card transactions can be expensive to you and/or your customers. Unfortunately, you're also often on the hook if these transactions are reversed or charged back.
  • Source of Fraud: Payments tied to bank accounts or credit cards can make you, the merchant, hold all the risk and liability for fraud. Bank account and card payments are 100% reversible for up to 90 days--unlike blockchain or push payments.

We’re proud to introduce BitPay Deposit, a fast, safe, and secure account funding alternative for online forex brokers and platform providers.

BitPay Deposit allows brokers to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies deposits, fund user accounts in minutes, and receive next day irreversible bank account settlement in EUR, USD, or other local currency. BitPay supports BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP and stable coins USDC, GUSD, PAX and BUSD for deposits. Because blockchain payments are push payments versus pull payments, BitPay Deposit eliminates the risk of chargebacks and shields against the market volatility of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. BitPay Payout allows brokers to immediately fund customers wanting to cash out via a single batch payout, and handles sending Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to any number of recipients worldwide, for a flat 1% fee.

BitPay provides brokers:

  • Potential to expand user base. Tap into a large and growing number of BitPay users and cryptocurrencies users who are likely to have traded online and at a larger average transaction size than other payment methods.
  • Lower costs. BitPay charges a flat 1% transaction fee paid either by brokers or passed on to their users.
  • Elimination of chargebacks. Bitcoin transactions are pushed by the sender rather than pulled by the receiver (like a merchant pulls money out of your bank account to settle a purchase), eliminating the risk of the payer claiming a payment was unauthorized.
  • Global operations. Accounts can be funded from anywhere in the world, without banks or any other third party.
  • Added volume and liquidity, with an expanded market and faster deposits.

and their clients:

  • Speed: Bitcoin transactions are confirmed by the network and settled, on average, in about ten minutes, allowing users to trade within minutes of funding an account and providing liquidity for arbitrage
  • Lower costs: No wire transfer fees, credit card fees, or interest.
  • Large deposit options: BitPay-funded accounts aren’t subject to wire transfer or credit card limits.
  • Borderless: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be sent anywhere in the world in minutes, no bank account required.

Expand your deposit options to include BitPay Deposit and open your platform to a large and unique cryptocurrencies audience.