Our CEO Stephen Pair recently joined the SE Tech Podcast to talk about BitPay’s history, our goals, and our values as a company. About halfway through the interview, he said something important about how we approach customer service here at BitPay:

“We don’t just throw up a website and tell people to use it. . . We’re actively engaged, and we have a very competent sales force and an engineering services team that makes sure that our customers are very successful in getting set up and integrated into our platform . . . we have follow-up to make sure they have ongoing success.”

Today we're continuing to meet our commitment to proactive customer support by releasing a new library of how-to videos for our BitPay wallet and for BitPay's merchant services. Many of our users prefer instruction videos over how-to articles, so we're providing our users this visual option in addition to our large library of FAQ articles at help.bitpay.com.

Here are just a couple of examples of the video FAQs we've created for the wallet and BitPay's merchant accounts:

How to create a bitcoin payment button

How to send a bitcoin payment

Here's a quick glance at our other help videos available now:

We will be releasing FAQ videos for the BitPay Card in the coming weeks, and we will continue to update and expand our other FAQ video library as users give us feedback. Feel free to check these videos out on YouTube, like and subscribe, and leave your feedback in the comment sections.