Have you ever wanted to buy your favorite European brand's gift cards using bitcoin? This week we're introducing our latest merchant to offer gift cards for bitcoin in the UK.

Zeek.me is Europe's largest gift card marketplace. Users sell unwanted gift card credit and buy that credit at single to double-digit discounts. Zeek's mobile app gives customers a fast and easy way to exchange and spend those gift cards on the go and in the checkout line.

Bitcoin users often need a quick way to spend their funds at restaurants and stores that don't accept bitcoin (yet). We think bitcoiners in the UK will find that Zeek is a perfect fit for that need. Zeek's card options include international brands like Starbucks and iTunes as well as dozens of popular UK brands like Sainsbury's, Morrison's, and Nandos.

Now that Zeek is using BitPay, you can use any bitcoin to wallet to check out on our new modal invoice. This invoice has some sleek new features to make your payment experience faster and easier.

Want to get shopping? Check out some of Zeek's best deals on gift cards or get the new Zeek mobile app.