Today we're excited to release a major new enhancement to how BitPay merchants can issue full refunds to bitcoin customers.

Previously, merchants have needed to collect bitcoin wallet addresses from their customers in order to initiate refunds. Now, if a customer requests a full refund for an order, all a merchant's support team needs is an email address to let their customer get a refund for a fully paid order. Merchants can supply this buyer email via the BitPay merchant dashboard (pictured below) or via API.

When a BitPay merchant confirms an email for refund processing, BitPay will send an email to the bitcoin customer which will allow them to provide a bitcoin refund address. We will notify the customer when we process refunds, which takes place in under two business days for every refund request.

This new refund process means no more juggling or verifying bitcoin refund addresses for our merchants' support teams and a simplified, clear refund process for bitcoin customers.

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