It is a privilege to join BitPay's team today as an Account Manager. Leaving Bitcoin Magazine was a difficult decision to make but a necessary step. This change will allow me to concentrate my time on expanding the Bitcoin user-base and fully support the work of the strongest Bitcoin company, BitPay.

As bitcoin is a social, political, and economic game-changer, a top priority is using this currency to aid organizations and individuals who can benefit the most from it. BitPay is not just working to educate for-profit companies, but additionally non-profits and charitable organizations about why bitcoin makes sense and is the most expedient and secure payment gateway. Also, with the upcoming midterm election, I hope to use my experience as a former Congressional Staffer in Washington DC to bring bitcoin, and BitPay, into as many political campaigns as possible.

Prior to making my decision to join the team, I took note of BitPay's global perspective. With teams located in the West Coast, the East coast, Argentina, and Amsterdam, BitPay proactively recognizes that Bitcoin is a tool to change the world. BitPay provides its service completely free to charities and nonprofits, which allows them to accept bitcoin donations from a global donor base.

Through my work with Bitcoin Magazine and my seat on the Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors, I have had the opportunity to get to know many Bitcoin related companies. BitPay simply rises to the top, and I look forward to investing my time with this strong team to spread awareness about the numerous benefits of Bitcoin. I mainly will be seeking to get nonprofits, charities, and political organizations on board to start accepting bitcoin donations.