Google has announced that it will be ending support for Chrome Apps on non-Chrome OS platforms in 2018. This means that our Copay bitcoin wallet will no longer be available in the Chrome App directory.

BitPay and Copay will continue to be available on all major desktop and mobile platforms. You can easily retrieve your wallet backup phrase and import your Chrome Copay wallet into a BitPay or Copay wallet on another platform.

Unfortunately, the demise of Chrome apps also affects specific features some of you rely on.

Our hardware wallet integrations with TREZOR and Ledger are only available in the Copay Chrome app. With Google's decision, starting in 2018, TREZOR and Ledger will no longer be available as co-signer devices for Copay multi-signature wallets.

If you have funds in multi-signature Copay wallets which use TREZOR or Ledger devices as co-signers, we recommend that you move your funds to a 1-of-1 wallet on your hardware device, or to a different multi-signature BitPay or Copay wallet. If you're unable to do this before Google retires Chrome apps, you will need import your hardware wallet seed into another BitPay or Copay wallet to move funds in the future.