ChildFund, one of the world's largest children's aid groups, is now accepting bitcoin through BitPay. With ChildFund's announcement, global poverty relief efforts are becoming increasingly tied to the bitcoin network.

Our new nonprofit partner ChildFund International has provided support to children in need for over 75 years. The charity serves as a platform through which individual donors can support the education, health care, job training and personal development of young people from birth to 24 years of age. With their new BitPay donation page, ChildFund will enable donors to use bitcoin to help young people and their communities.

Charities such as ChildFund International are discovering the power of bitcoin and BitPay's donation processing. Bitcoin is drastically reducing the costs of receiving donations, and it is providing growing donor bases a secure and convenient way to support good causes. Most significantly, the power of charity is being matched by a payment network originally built for person-to-person transactions. ChildFund's decision to accept bitcoin brings this innovation in payments together with a history of improving lives.

We have a commitment to helping nonprofits utilize bitcoin for good causes. Our free payment processing and donation tools are empowering groups as diverse as ChildFund, Save the Children, American Red Cross, Greenpeace USA and Literacy Bridge to use bitcoin donations and create unique solutions to problems ranging from illiteracy to disease.

2014 has been a watershed year for bitcoin's charitable uses. As this year closes and a new year begins, we hope that bitcoin users donate to ChildFund International and other groups making a global impact.