Newegg Sees Bitcoin Gaining Ground In eCommerce

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High fees and pricey cowboy boots: Why crypto spending isn't about to go mainstream

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Crypto App Ranking A Tangle Of Tied Scores

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34 CEOs On Payments, The Connected Economy

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BitPay Talks To Us About High-Value Transactions Using Cryptocurrency

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airBaltic Expands Its List Of Accepted Cryptocurrencies

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Microsoft's ION Identity Layer for Bitcoin Is Now Live | Crypto Briefing

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Kessler Takes High Road On Crypto Payments

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BitPay CFO: Crypto Challenges Create Lessons For All Industries

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Bitcoin As Alchemy: APMEX CEO Places Crypto In Precious Metal Perspective

03.12.2021 -

A luxury US hotel chain will accept bitcoin, dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies as payment

03.11.2021 - Business Insider

The Kessler Collection partners with BitPay to accept cryptocurrency payments

03.11.2021 - The Papers

Luxury US Hotel Group Now Accepts Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Other Cryptos

03.11.2021 - CoinDesk

Dallas Mavericks To Take Dogecoin For Payment

03.05.2021 -

Git Along, Lil' DOGE! Dallas Mavs to Accept Dogecoin for Tickets, Merchandise

03.04.2021 - CoinDesk

Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks Are Accepting Dogecoin As Payment ‘Because We Can’

03.04.2021 - Forbes

Mark Cuban’s Mavericks to Accept Dogecoin for Tickets, Merch

03.04.2021 - Bloomberg

Dogecoin payments to be accepted by this NBA team

03.04.2021 - Fox Business

Dallas Mavericks Now Accepting Dogecoin as Payment

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Institutional Activity Creates New Era For Bitcoin

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How risky is it to buy a Tesla using bitcoin?

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Why Bitcoin Hasn’t Gained Traction as a Form of Payment

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Super Bowl LV: HODL Or Bet?

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BitPay integrates Changelly API for instant token exchange

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What is bitcoin and why are so many people looking to buy it? | Richard Partington

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In Its Quest For Financial Inclusion Crypto Plays A Role In International Aid

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Bitcoin Looks to Gain Traction in Payments

12.30.20 - WSJ

Las Vegas luxury auto dealership rakes in Bitcoin payments

12.30.20 - Cointelegraph

ETH and XRP Second Most Used For Payment, According to BitPay

12.22.20 - CryptoZink

Ethereum, XRP Making Gains on Bitcoin in Crypto Pay Stakes – BitPay Stats

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Mobile Payments App Slide Includes Crypto Option |

12.05.20 - PYMNTS

Crypto Startup BitPay Files to Become Federally Regulated US Bank

12.09.20 - Nasdaq

Make Room, Wall Street: Bitcoin Payments Startup BitPay Applies For National U.S. Banking License

12.09.20 - Forbes

Bitcoin payments startup BitPay wants to create a national bank in Georgia

12.09.20 - The Block

BitPay files with OCC to become national crypto-native trust bank

12.09.20 - Cointelegraph

Crypto Startup BitPay Files to Become Federally Regulated US Bank

12.09.20 - Coindesk

Here Are the Best Bitcoin Black Friday Deals for 2020

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Wake Up on Black Friday and Smell the Crypto Deals

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BiPay Joins Forcers with to Launch Crypto Travel Gift Cards

11.20.20 - Crowdfund Insider

Deloitte includes BitPay on top 500 tech companies list

11.19.2020 - Cointelegraph

BitPay Unveils Crypto Mass Payout Service |

11.13.2020 -

Payments Provider BitPay Rolls Out Cryptocurrency Payroll Service

11.13.2020 - CoinDesk

New study: Bitcoin adopters attract new customers, boost average order value

10.14.2020 - Cryptonews

Four Merchants Revealed How Bitcoin Payments Helped Their Businesses

09.30.2020 - Cryptonews

Wisconsin Assembly candidate is accepting Bitcoin donations again

09.21.2020 - Cointelegraph

BitPay Announces Wallet App Feature Expansion With Wyre Integration

09.21.2020 - Crowdfund Insider

BitPay decides to let all employees work from home permanently

09.15.2020 - Cointelegraph

US Consumers Flock To the First Mastercard Branded BitPay Card

09.15.2020 -

US Congressman Darren Soto to Accept Cryptocurrency Donations for 2020 Election

09.10.2020 - CoinDesk

Just Eat Takeaway Partners with BitPay to Provide Bitcoin Payment Option to Its Customers in France

09.07.2020 - Coinspeaker

Twitch Doubles Down on Crypto, Gives Subscribers 10% Discount

07.27.2020 - CoinDesk

Is Bitcoin the Credit Card Killer? This Furniture Retailer Thinks so

07.13.2020 - Cointelegraph

BitLicense Recipients

06.24.2020 - CoinDesk

Bitpay Accepts Company of the Year Accolade

06.23.2020 - Cointelegraph

BitPay Launches Prepaid Crypto Mastercard for US Customers

06.16.2020 - CoinDesk

BitPay’s Prepaid Mastercard Launches in US to Make Crypto Accessible

06.11.2020 - Cointelegraph

BitPay Partners With Binance to Support BUSD Payments Around the World

04.27.2020 - Cointelegraph

Bitpay Enables Bitcoin Cash Payments at 100,000 Point-of-Sale Devices

02.12.2020 -

BitPay Launches In-Store Crypto Payments With New POS Partnership

02.11.2020 - CoinDesk

BitPay Restores Service to All Bitcoin Wallets to Drive Mainstream Adoption

02.04.2020 - Cointelegraph

BitPay CEO: Platform Will Support More Cryptocurrencies and Possibly Lightning Network

02.04.2020 - Cointelegraph

Bitcoin Usage Among Merchants Is Up, According to Data From Coinbase and BitPay

02.03.2020 - CoinDesk

Bitpay Users Can Now Purchase Crypto With Fiat In-App

01.24.2020 -

Merchants Can Now Accept XRP via Crypto Payment Processor BitPay

01.21.2020 - CoinDesk

EGifter Will Be Among First BitPay Merchant To Accept XRP Cryptocurrency

01.21.2020 - Cointelegraph

BitPay Integration Lets Users Buy Gold With Cryptocurrency

01.13.20 - Cointelegraph

Fortune 500 Tech Firm Avnet Now Accepts Crypto Payments via BitPay

3.19.19 - CoinDesk

Ohio Becomes The First State To Allow Taxpayers To Pay Tax Bills Using Cryptocurrency

11.26.18 - Forbes