Nothing is more important to BitPay than the health and well-being of our customers, employees, and the communities we serve.  That’s why we want to let you know what we're doing to ensure that we can continue to assist our customers and maintain uninterrupted operations.  We will continue to update this notice as appropriate.

Our Responsibility to Our Employees and Community

At the end of February, BitPay advised our employees to self-quarantine and work from home if they had recently traveled to affected areas. We transitioned to a mandated work from home policy last week. We took these steps for the health of our employees, to help slow the spread of COVID-19, and to ensure that throughout this period of uncertainty, we maintain operational continuity.

Our Systems and Partners Are Up and Running

We are working to make sure that:

  • our infrastructure experiences no major disruptions of service
  • our banking partners can enable merchant processing and settlement on time, every time
  • our operational relationships continue without major disruption or delays
  • our card continues to enable crypto to fiat so that you can live life on crypto
  • our customers continue to receive fast customer support

Aside from some minor delays in customer sign-ups, our partners are operating as usual. Please be patient if your sign-up takes longer than expected; we would appreciate it if you wait at least one business day before contacting Customer Support with sign-up questions.

Moreover, the bitcoin network and exchanges continue to operate 24/7 without interruption.

We remain in contact with our various partners regarding any substantial changes in status or capabilities, and we will promptly communicate to you if any changes to our services become necessary.

Our Systems and Data Are Safe

During this period of uncertainty, criminal activities may increase. Thankfully, we are prepared. We continue to monitor transactions and cyber threats, and we will handle these risks and threats accordingly.  

Please be cautious about unsolicited emails, texts, phone calls and social media inquiries you may receive from someone claiming to represent BitPay or other legitimate companies.  Fraudsters and cyber attackers manipulate consumer anxiety and confusion to perpetrate their criminal schemes.  There are excellent online resources available from consumer protection agencies and government authorities to increase your cybersecurity awareness, learn how to employ best practices, and find out about trending cybersecurity scams.