We have added an Elixir library for businesses looking to do custom integrations for any Erlang or Elixir-based project. The Elixir library can now be found alongside BitPay's curl, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, Perl, and Android libraries on our GitHub page.

The Erlang language has recently generated lots of interest for its ability to scale with growing companies, especially in Europe, where Erlang has become the language of choice for mobile payment companies like Trifork and Klarna. While the language is not as widespread in the United States, American companies such as WhatsApp and Shipt are built on Erlang. Due to WhatsApp's success and the growing need for scalable systems, the Erlang language is on the rise.

We are the first and only bitcoin payment processor to have an Elixir library. This library is part of our continuing effort to supply our customers with a variety of software solutions that allow them to accept bitcoin payments. As always, this library is completely open source, so feel free to check it out along with our many other solutions.