Last year, if you had bought $200 worth of Bitcoin when it was worth $3500, you would have around $475 today. With those gains, you could afford a new Nintendo Switch Lite and Pokemon Sword or Shield on The BitPay App's Gift Card integration helps you do that.

Maybe you would want to go on a shopping trip with your gains. The Bitpay Card and BitPay App integration helps you do that.

Maybe you want to invest even more and make sure your investment is secure. The multi-signature BitPay App will help you do that.

The BitPay App has helped crypto consumers do so much with their cryptocurrencies… after they bought it. You needed to buy your Bitcoin from an exchange and send it to your BitPay App to enjoy all its features.

But like Bitcoin being worth $3500, that is so last year.

Now, thanks to our partnership with Simplex, you can buy cryptocurrency directly in the BitPay App. With most exchanges, you’re waiting days for access to your cryptocurrency. With BitPay and Simplex, you’re only waiting hours instead of days for the process to go through.

Using the Simplex integration is simple. Inside your BitPay App:

  1. Swipe down in your app to Buy Crypto
  2. Select the wallet you want the funds deposited into
  3. Pick a cryptocurrency and amount
  4. Proceed to checkout and enter your billing details
  5. Complete your purchase

If you don't already have the BitPay App, download it today!