BitPay is introducing a tiered pricing model to replace our existing fixed pricing structure. For the past few years we’ve seen thousands of new global retailers, etailers and merchants accept cryptocurrency for everyday purchases and high ticket items. BitPay’s new pricing model is designed to aid widespread adoption, allowing our high volume merchants to scale with crypto as it continues to rise as a preferred payment method.

BitPay’s tiered pricing model

Transaction processing fees will range from 1-2% based on a businesses cumulative monthly volume, plus a 25¢ fixed fee per transaction. Merchants accepting crypto payments will still pay less in processing fees than traditional credit card rates. Additionally, crypto payments come with the added benefit of shielding merchants from fraud chargebacks, saving valuable time and money. See details about the new pricing model on BitPay’s Pricing page.

Benefits of accepting crypto payments via BitPay

BitPay’s best-in-class features and benefits are available to all merchants:

  • Access to hundreds of millions of global crypto wallet holders
  • Up to 40% new customers
  • 2x AOV compared to credit card
  • Daily cash settlements, direct to your bank account
  • Industry-leading KYC and compliance program
  • Zero fraud chargebacks
  • Support for 100+ crypto wallets
  • Support of top cryptocurrencies

Pricing FAQs

When will this price change take effect?

The new pricing plan is effective immediately for new merchants signing up after 01/02/2023 and will take effect for current merchants as of 2/13/2023.

I am a small business, what does this mean for me?

Smaller merchants just getting started with cryptocurrency payments or who don’t process large volumes (<$500,000 per month) will pay a 2% processing fee + 25¢ fixed fee.

How can BitPay help my business increase crypto transaction volume?

BitPay offers co-marketing and promotion opportunities for all of our merchants to help increase transaction volume and lower processing rates. The BitPay Merchant Directory is used by thousands of crypto consumers each month to find businesses that accept crypto payments. If you would like your business to be included, please submit a request here. Additional co-marketing opportunities include social posts, email newsletters and brand features in BitPay’s industry-leading blog. See our recommended marketing best practices for more information on promoting crypto acceptance.

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