Newegg Extends Bitcoin Payment Option to Canada

BitPay merchant and massive online electronics retailer Newegg has long been one of the leaders in blockchain payment adoption in the US. Now Newegg Canada customers can also pay for electronics with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. If you’re a resident of Canada, check out and start using your Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash today.

You can read the full announcement to learn more about why Newegg Canada is now accepting payments with BitPay.

CNBC Covers BitPay's Employee Bitcoin Payroll Option

At BitPay, employees have the option to receive part of their pay in Bitcoin. This week, CNBC did a story on Bitcoin payroll in the Bitcoin space. To get an inside look, CNBC talked to our compliance counsel Jeremie Beaudry, who receives a portion of his pay in Bitcoin.

Jeremie doesn't fit most people's image of a Bitcoiner. Here's how the article puts it:

"Jeremie Beaudry doesn't code or hang out on Reddit. He wasn't raised post-financial crash with a healthy suspicion of traditional banking institutions or fiat currency. In fact, Beaudry spent most of his career working for a big U.S. bank."

But like many BitPay employees from many different backgrounds, Jeremie sees the long-term promise of blockchain payments. And we're happy to offer Bitcoin payroll (among other benefits) for a team of employees who are dedicated to bringing this technology to more people.

FinTech Silicon Valley Interviews BitPay’s Chief Commercial Officer on the Blockchain Industry

Earlier this month, FinTech Silicon Valley interviewed our Chief Commercial Officer, Sonny Singh. Sonny talks about how Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are being used today and what businesses need to do to survive in the changing world of blockchain technology and blockchain payments.

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