eGifter is using BitPay's API to make it easy for businesses to try out Bitcoin.

Less than a year ago eGifter began using BitPay to accept Bitcoin as a payment option for gift cards. This month they opened the Bitcoin Storefront to help businesses accept Bitcoin directly for their gift card sales without without complicated integration or price volatility risk.. By making it easy for new businesses to accept Bitcoin, eGifter and BitPay are helping Bitcoin's adoption grow.

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BitPay investor Richard Branson weighs in on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Recently, the Indian newspaper The Economic Times published ten opinions on Bitcoin from various billionaires including Eric Schmidt, Peter Thiel, and Sir Richard Branson. Branson’s quote is

“I think it [Bitcoin] is working…There’s a big industry around it. It is volatile, but people make money off of volatility too.”

As a key investor in BitPay, Richard Branson knows how many industries are adopting bitcoin to solve problems with traditional finance. BitPay protects businesses from Bitcoin’s price volatility by settling to them in the currency of their choice. They get every dollar or euro they charge, minus our low processing fee.

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BitPay partnered with Korean exchange Bithumb to power cross-border blockchain payments

This week we announced our partnership with Bithumb to help South Korean businesses send and receive cross-border payments with zero fraud, 100% accuracy, and next-day bank settlement.

CNBC interviewed our Chief Commercial Officer Sonny Singh about the partnership. Sonny explains why blockchain payments are so powerful for international business-to-business payments:

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