News agencies often pick up stories about BitPay as we continue to work to help more people use bitcoin to solve real-life problems. We decided to collect some of our favorite stories to give you a look into our work building the bitcoin payments ecosystem.

We helped the Open Medicine Foundation receive $5,000,000 worth of bitcoin from a donor

BitPay made it possible for a donor from the Pineapple Fund to donate a total of five million dollars worth of bitcoin to the Open Medical Foundation (OMF). The purpose of the foundation is

“ fund and initiate collaborative and groundbreaking research into chronic complex diseases so that patients will be able to live life more fully.

Their initial focus is on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). You can read more about the organization on their website.

You can read the full story on Reuters.

Inc. Explains why Businesses Should Use BitPay

In his article, How To Accept Bitcoin In Your Business Risk-Free, contributor Joel Comm lays out the primary reason businesses would want to accept bitcoin through BitPay: simplicity. As Comm writes,

Bitpay [sic] still allows businesses to accept payments while receiving fiat. Users of bitcoin transfer their payments using the company's payment platform. The firm locks in an exchange rate and delivers fiat to the seller's bank account. Companies can advertise to wealthy bitcoin owners and accept their payments without exposing themselves to the coin's volatility.

BitPay's CEO made a bold prediction about the future of cryptocurrency

In an interview earlier this week with Aprio, our CEOStephen Pair,made this prediction. Now in 2018, this vision is sounding more likely than when BitPay first started in 2011. As Stephen said to Aprio,

“Back then, the immediate practical application, let alone the future of cryptocurrency, was not widely understood.”

But now, a sizable market cap, valuable use cases for payments,, and growing adoption, bitcoin has a very bright future.

You can read the rest of Stephen's reasons for bitcoin's future success in the full interview with Aprio.

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