Want to know more about what BitPay is up to in 2017?

BitPay co-founders Stephen Pair and Tony Gallippi recently keynoted at BTC Media's Distributed: Markets conference with a wide-ranging fireside chat with BTC Media CEO David Bailey. Today we're sharing the video from a conversation that touched on everything from the state of Bitcoin adoption to where we're seeing bitcoin creating the most value for businesses today.

Highlights from the Distributed: Markets Talk

How Our Co-Founders Got Into Bitcoin [00:27]

"A lot of people thought that the [internet payments protocol] problem was impossible to solve. And in 2008 the [Bitcoin] whitepaper came out... I got extremely excited about it and started talking to [Tony]."

How the Bitcoin Space Has Changed Since BitPay's 2011 Founding [02:59]

"When we started in 2011, we would be excited to see five or six transactions through BitPay in a day... Now we're starting to see a lot of those [large corporate] customers transition to being more B2B and supply chain customers..."

"We've seen [bitcoin payouts] grow tremendously, and I think it's only just begun. When you realize that there are networks out there of users that are very geographically dispersed... and they're doing high-frequency, low-value transactions, using a digital currency for those makes a lot of sense."

The State of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Adoption Today [06:45]

"The Bitcoin blockchain is the most secure and fastest and most cost-effective way to transfer value. So what you're seeing is a lot of these companies that need to move millions of dollars every single day... you see them solving that problem with bitcoin..."

The Launch of the BitPay Wallet and the Future of Copay [11:38]

"...It was time for us to build a wallet because we needed to do more interesting things end-to-end in the payment, from the buyer to the recipient..."

Exciting Applications for Bitcoin Beyond Payments [20:40]

"[The Bitcoin blockchain] could create the fabric of a new decentralized identity system on the Internet."

Why BitPay Has Focused on Bitcoin Over Other Blockchains [22:02]

"We made a conscious decision not to chase after those projects... but instead to stay focused on what we're doing and to stay focused on our customers... and providing products that companies will pay for right now, today."

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