Where can you spend your crypto? It can be hard to find businesses that sell the products and services you want and accept blockchain payments like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

To make this question easier to answer, BitPay chose a limited selection of featured businesses for our curated directory based on things like reputation and brand popularity, payment activity, and web experience. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the great businesses BitPay serves, but it's an entry point for anyone serious about using cryptocurrency for personal or business expenses.

Here you'll find businesses where you can spend your crypto on:

Jewelry & Precious Metals

shop for jewelry and precious metals with your bitcoin

Entertainment & Gaming

pay for your gaming and entertainment with crypto

Fashion, Apparel, and Health

shop fashion, apparel, and health products using your bitcoin

Charity & Non-Profits

donate to charities and non-profits with your crypto

Gift Cards

Buy gift cards with your bitcoin

Electronics & Hardware

Buy you hardware and electronic with your crypto

Software & Web Services

Buy your sofware and internet services with your bitcoin

Professional Services

Pay for professional services for your blockchain business with your crypto

The BitPay Directory is perfect to find a new place to spend your crypto, to share with your fellow crypto consumers, and to even show your boss the mainstream appeal that blockchain payments are gaining.

Check out the directory today and start using your crypto.