In December we shared BitPay's plans to process payments on multiple blockchains. Today we're introducing the next step, and we're starting with our BitPay debit card. You can order a BitPay Card for $10 and pay with Bitcoin Cash, and you can load your card with dollars using Bitcoin Cash.

The BitPay Card is a Mastercard® prepaid card that you can use at Mastercard® -accepting merchants online and in person. Since we introduced the card, you have been able to load it with a dollar balance via BitPay. With our BitPay crypto wallet app, your load transactions can happen in just a few clicks and a swipe from your smartphone.

Bitpay wallet and card

With the addition of Bitcoin Cash support, you now can load your BitPay Card with dollars using either Bitcoin (BTC)** or Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

These two blockchains have differing exchange rates, network fees, and confirmation times. You can do a side by side comparison whenever you are making a payment so you can decide which payment method works best for you.

You and BitPay Card users like you will be the first BitPay platform users to get access to our Bitcoin Cash payment processing. We look forward to your feedback as we prepare to introduce Bitcoin Cash to BitPay's merchant processing platform.

Updated: 10/7/2021