It's here! The championship game is upon us.  Two coins remain - Polygon vs. Shiba Inu coin - one will be crowned the BitPay Brackets Champion. Vote now!

Polygon (MATIC)¹⁴ vs Shiba Inu (SHIB)¹²

Voting for the Championship closes at 10PM ET on Monday, 04/04. Remember, in order to be included in the prize drawing, you must vote in each round using the same email address.

What is BitPay Brackets?

BitPay Brackets is a single elimination tournament where each up and coming coin will face off until one remains. Voting is open to the entire crypto community. Vote for your favorite coin in these head-to-head matchups. Which will be the next cryptocurrency to explode? Find out with BitPay Brackets.

BitPay Bracket Rules

  • Coins are ranked by market cap (as of 3/3/22), seeded and matched up against each other.
  • Voting is open to all. Select a coin from each match and submit your votes. One vote per email address.
  • Once each round ends, we will tally all the votes to see which coin moves onto the next round. A total of 4 voting rounds will take place.
  • In order to be entered into the prize drawing, you must vote in all four rounds of the tournament and use the same email address to submit your votes.
  • Why isn’t Bitcoin/Ethereum included? BitPay Brackets is intended to showcase the next big cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum are already leading coins, so we’ve omitted them to make room for a more diverse set of coins.
  • See complete contest rules here.