Users Can Now Buy Crypto With Their Debit Card, Apple Pay, and More.

And you'd need to be able to send or spend your crypto whenever and wherever you want, right? Or top up your BitPay Card to spend at Google Play Store or Twitch. Buy gift cards from Amazon, Home Depot, Microsoft, Spotify, Uber and more.

Well in January we added crypto purchases with credit cards to the BitPay app through a partnership with Simplex. Now we're adding the last piece of the puzzle, and making BitPay the only crypto app one could ever need.

With the addition of crypto purchases through Wyre, BitPay app users can now buy crypto with a debit card, Apple Pay, and soon Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Debit card purchases let users buy crypto with their bank account, and have the advantage of reduced processing fees versus credit cards. Our deal with Wyre passes those savings right on to the user.

With debit card and Apple Pay purchases now integrated into the BitPay app, users truly don't need another app for crypto. The BitPay app now offers:

  • A secure, non-custodial wallet
  • Crypto purchases with credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and soon Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • The ability to spend Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and dollar-pegged stablecoins directly with hundreds of BitPay merchants
  • Instant loads to the BitPay prepaid Mastercard to spend crypto anywhere Mastercard is accepted

The BitPay app being a true one-stop-shop for consumers benefits merchants as well. As we continue to aggregate crypto demand into a single place, whether it's consumers buying crypto or spending crypto, BitPay merchants have unmatched exposure to an entirely new customer base.

BitPay is a complete crypto solution for consumers, and a complete crypto solution for merchants.

If you don't yet have it, you can download the BitPay app free here.

If you're a merchant who's considering adding crypto as a payment option, what are you waiting on? Click here to learn more about accepting crypto with BitPay.