We've achieved an important milestone in bitcore development, and one that we've been working on since we started with this open source initiative: achieving 100% compatibility with test data from Bitcoin Core. It was hard work, but we think it's worth it: we are now sure bitcore handles correctly all the edge cases and tricky input data the same way that bitcoind does (or at least those that have test data for them).

The current version of bitcore has 2868 tests passing both in node
and in modern browsers (save for a few tests that make no sense for
the browser yet, like connecting to the p2p bitcoin network). We are
also looking to expand the test coverage and welcome any contributions to this important task. If you've thought about collaborating with bitcore but didn't know where to start, writing tests is a good way to internalize with the source code, learn about bitcoin, and improve the project a lot. You can also follow our collaboration guide if you are new to open-source contributions.

While this milestone is important (test data compatibility with Bitcoin Core is a must for any serious bitcoin library), we're still looking to complete a more ambitious goal: achieving 100% code coverage for all our code. A good tool to measure that is istanbul. Here's bitcore's istanbul report:

As you can see, there's some work to be done, but we hope you'll help us get there! Bitcore is a community effort and adding tests will greatly improve the quality of the code.