Go language developers can now easily authenticate and use the BitPay API with our newly-released Go library.

We are always on the lookout for ways to make our payment gateway API more accessible to developers building custom integrations with our platform. Today we're taking another step in that commitment. Our newest library will provide an API interface to users of Go, an increasingly popular compiled programming language designed by Google engineers to serve as a simplified, efficient replacement for the C language.

The open source community has already created several Go libraries for the BitPay API, each with its own strengths. When we looked these libraries over, however, we noticed that some of them did not use our cryptographically secure API. Those that did relied on a separate language or command line tool for key generation and authentication with BitPay. The new BitPay Go library closes that gap, introducing more security and simplicity to the integration process.

With the addition of Go, our public GitHub repositories now offer access to eleven libraries and SDKs, all open source. We invite our users to contribute to our Go library, share any issues, and check out other projects we are working on. If you think we are missing an important library, let us know in our discussion forums on BitPay Labs.