Our bitcoin payment gateway API is making its iOS-native development debut with our new iOS SDK.

This release provides iOS developers the core functionality for cryptographically-secure interactions with the BitPay API. The SDK can be used to manage signatures and BitAuth identities as well as to generate public and private keys in either PEM or hex file formats. These elements enable the secure BitPay API server calls necessary to create tokens and payment invoices within app environments.

One of our main goals in this project was increasing our API's accessibility for the iOS community. Individuals and teams working with our SDK can build their applications using Objective-C or the newer Swift programming language. The SDK also works seamlessly with dependency management application CocoaPods, making the development process much easier.

We are excited to see how the iOS development community will build our bitcoin payment gateway into one of the world's most popular mobile platforms. The project is open source for a reason, and we welcome issue reports and pull requests. Learn more about accepting in-app bitcoin payments and access our other mobile SDKs on GitHub.