WordPress eCommerce Plugin Plugin

Accept bitcoin on your WordPress site with BitPay's open source extension to the WP eCommerce Plugin.

Integration Requirements

Get started by signing up for a BitPay merchant account.

You must also have already installed the WP eCommerce plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Installing the Plugin

  1. Download the latest release of the plugin and extract the contents of the zip file.

  2. Copy the wpsc-merchants folder and paste it into your active WP eCommerce instance (e.g. /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce).

To install directly from GitHub, review the guide in our repository for this plugin.
Do not attempt to install this BitPay file through the WordPress plugins control panel.

Connecting BitPay and WP eCommerce

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel and select "Settings" > "Store" > "Payments".


  1. Check the box for "Bitcoin Payments by BitPay" to activate it and click "Save Changes" below.

  2. Click "Settings" below the BitPay payment option.

  3. Edit "Display Name" if desired.


  1. Create a pairing code in your BitPay merchant dashboard.


  1. Copy and paste this pairing code into the "Pairing Code" field in your WordPress plugin admin dashboard to create an API token for BitPay transactions.


  1. Select "Update" to save all configured settings.

Nice work! Your customers will now be able to check out with bitcoin on your WordPress site.

Advanced Setup

Set Transaction Speed Settings

Transaction speeds can be set to "High", "Medium, or "Low". "High" speed confirmations typically take 5-10 seconds and can be used for digital goods or low-risk items. "Low" speed confirmations take about 1 hour and should be used for high-value items.

Designate a Redirect URL

Enter the URL for the page to which customers should be directed after they have paid an invoice.

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