BitPay PHP Lite Library

Implement blockchain payments on your e-commerce website using the light version of BitPay's PHP Lite Library.

Using the BitPay PHP Lite Library

This library provides a convenient abstraction of BitPay's cryptographically-secure API and allows payment gateway developers to focus on payment flow/e-commerce integration rather than on the specific details of client-server interaction using the API. This library optionally provides the flexibility for developers to have control over important details, including the handling of private tokens needed for client-server communication.


You must have a BitPay merchant account to use this library. It's free to sign-up for a BitPay merchant account.

If you need a test account, please visit and register for a BitPay merchant test account. Please fill in all questions, so you get a fully working test account. If you are looking for a testnet bitcoin wallet to test with, please visit and create a new wallet. If you need testnet bitcoin please visit a testnet faucet, e.g. or

For more information about testing, please see


This library was built and tested using the PhpStorm IDE; the source code tree is directly compatible with Other PHP IDEs. Library dependencies can be downloaded by executing the following command at the root of the library:

php composer.phar install

Getting your client token

First of all, you need to generate a new POS token on your BitPay's account which will be required to securely connect to the BitPay's API.

For testing purposes use:

For production use:

Click on Add New Token, give a name on the Token Label input, leave the Require Authentication checkbox unchecked and click on Add Token. The new token will appear and ready to use.



Install Composer

curl -sS | php

Install via composer by hand

Add to your composer.json file by hand.

    "require": {
        "bitpay/sdk-light": "^2.0"

Once you have added this, just run:

php composer.phar update bitpay/sdk-light

Install using composer

php composer.phar require bitpay/sdk-light:^2.0

Initializing your BitPay light client

Once you have the environment file (JSON or YML previously generated) you can initialize the client on two different ways:

// Provide the full path to the env file which you have previously stored securely.

$bitpay = BitPaySDKLight\Client::create()->withFile([FULL_PATH_TO_THE_CONFIG_FILE]);

$bitpay = new BitPaySDKLight\Client("CFJCZH3VitcEER9Uybx8LMvkPsSWzpSWvN4vhNEJp47b", BitPaySDKLight\Env::Test);

Create an invoice

$invoice = $bitpay->createInvoice(new Invoice(50.0, "USD"));

$invoiceUrl = $invoice->getURL();

$status = $invoice->getStatus();

WARNING: If you get the following error when initiating the client for first time:

"500 Internal Server Error` response: {"error":"Account not setup completely yet."}"

Please, go back to your BitPay account and complete the required steps. More info here

Retrieve an invoice

$invoice = $bitpay->getInvoice($invoice->getId());

Get exchange Rates

You can retrieve BitPay's BBB exchange rates.

$rates = $bitpay->getRates();

$rate = $rates->getRate(Currency::USD); //Always use the included Currency model to avoid typos


See also the test package for more examples of API calls.

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BitPay PHP Lite Library


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